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@Original Genuine OEM 150W AC Adapter Charger Asus G74SX/i7-2630QM Gaming Laptop

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Item Specification

100% Original Genuine OEM ASUS AC POWER Adapter Charger 150W.

INPUT: 100-240V  50-60Hz (for worldwide use)

OUTPUT: 19.5V       7.7A, 150W

Connecter size: 5.5mm ×2.5mm, Barrel tip (ref to the picture).

Outlet: 3-prong      

Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug

Warranty:12 months

Status: Brand new original & genuine

One Power cord is included with this adapter for FREEfit your country

Note: We’ll send you the power cord with the corresponding wall plug according to your shipping address. For example, if your shipping address is in US, then the power cord will be with the US standard wall plug. If you need the different plug used in your country, please contact us immediately after you have paid


Replace Part Number


 ADP-150NB D,90-XB06N0PW00040Y,04G266009901,04G266009902,04G266009903, 04G266009904

Compatible Models


Asus G53SX-A1

Asus G53SX-XR1

Asus G53SX-XT1

Asus G53SX-AH71

Asus G53SX-NH71

Asus G53SX-DH71

Asus G53SX-RH71

Asus G74SX-DH71

Asus G74SX-AH71

Asus G74SX-RH71

Asus G74SX-NH71

Asus G74SX-1ATY

Asus G74SX-1ATZ

Asus G74SX-3DE

Asus G74SX-XN1

Asus G74SX-XA1

Asus G74SX-A1

Asus G74SX-XC1

Asus G74SX-BBK7

Asus G74SX-BBK8

Asus G74SX-BBK11

Asus G74SX-DH73-3D

Asus G74SX-91131Z/D

Asus G74SX-91266V

Asus G74SX-91333V

Asus G74SX-TZ358V

Asus G74SX-TZ344V

Asus G74SX-TZ122V

Asus G74SX-TZ130V

Asus G74SX-TZ078V

Asus G74SX-TV024V

Asus Lamborghini VX7

Asus Lamborghini VX7-A1

Asus Lamborghini VX7-SZ058Z

Asus Lamborghini VX7-3DE

Asus Lamborghini VX7SX-DH71/i7-2670QM

Asus Lamborghini VX7SX-DH72/i7-2670QM

Asus Lamborghini VX7SX-S1145V/i7-2630QM

Asus Lamborghini VX7SX-S1089V


Note: Not all compatible model# is listed..

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