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Original 90W AC Adapter for MSI Megabook L610 L710 L715 L720 L725 L730 L735 L740

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Item Specification

INPUT: 100-240V  50-60Hz (for worldwide use)

OUTPUT: 19V       4.74A, 90W 

Connecter size: 5.5mm ×2.5mm .

Outlet: 3-prong

Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug     

Warranty:12 months

Status: Brand new original & genuine

Package includes:

1 X AC Adapter

1 X Free Power cordfit your country

  Replace Part Number

ADP-90SB BB,ADP-90CD BB,ADP-90CD CB,ADP-90MD BB,ADP-90MD HD,PA-1900-24,PA-1900-34,PA-190036,A10-090P1A


Compatible Models

MSI A4000,A5000,A6000,A6005,A6200,A6203,A6205,A7200 

MSI Megabook GX400 GX600 GX610 GX620 GX675 GX677 GX700 GX705 GX710

MSI Megabook GT627 GT628 GT640 GT720 GT725 GT735 GT740 GT740X

MSI MS-1006 MS-1010 MS-1011 MS-1012 MS-1013 MS-1016 MS-1022 MS-1024 MS-1029 MS-1032 MS-1034 MS-1036 MS-1037 MS-1039 MS-1047 MS-1049 MS-1053 MS-1054 MS-1057 MS-1057B MS-1058 MSI MS-1058 MSI MS-1223 MS-1228 MS-1242 MS-1243 MS-1311 MS-1336 MS-1351 MS-1352 MS-1361 MS-1361-ID1 MS-1412 MS-1414 MS-1421 MS-1422 MS-1432 MS-1451 MS-1454 MS-1462

MSI MS-1481 MS-1613 MS-1632 MS-1633 MS-1634 MS-1635 MS-1636 MS-1637 MS-163A MS-163C MS-163K MS-1642  MS-1644 MS-1651 MS-1671 MS-1672 MS-1674 MS-1675 MS-1681 MS-1682 MS-1683 MS-1688 MS-168A MS-1691 MS-16D3 MS-16F1 MS-16G1 MS-16G4 MS-1715 MS-1716 MS-1717 MS-1718 MS-1719 MS-171A MS-171B MS-171F MS-1731 MS-1733 MS-1734 MS-1736

MSI CR400,CR400X,CR410,CR420,CR500,CR600,CR610,CR610X,CR630,CR700,CR720,

MSI CX413,CX500,CX600,CX605,CX620,CX623,CX700,CX705,CX720

MSI EX400,EX460,EX465

MSI FR600 FX400,FX600MX,FX610MX,

MSI M520,M522,M660,M665,M673,M675,M677

MSI MS-1022,MS-1024,MS-1452,MS-1734,MS-3801,MS-6890,MS-6891

MSI P600,PR200,PR201,PR300,PR310,PX600,PX600X,

MSI U210,U230,U250

MSI Megabook S250 S260 S262 S270 S271,S300,S420,S420X,S425,S425X,S430,S430X

MSI Megabook VR320,VR320X,VR330,VR330X,VR430,VR430X VR440 VR440X VR600 VR601 VR603 VR610X VR630 VR700 VR700X VR705

MSI Megabook L610 L710 L715 L720 L725 L730 L735 L740 L745

MSI Megabook M655 M660 M662 M670 M675 M677

MSI X320 X340 X350 X360 X400 X410 X420 X430 X480 X600 X610 X620

MSI Megabook EX600 EX610 EX623 MX625 MX720

Note: Not all compatible model# is listed.

Shipping Information

1. All items will be dispatched as gift by air mail via China Post within 1-24 hours after payment is cleared, your parcel tracking number will be added to your eBay within 24 hours.

2. The item will be sent to your address listed in the PayPal. Please make sure your shipping address is correct and provide the phone number.

3.It usually takes 5-10 business days for your order to arrive in normal to USA/Australia/the UK/Canada/Russia/Germany/Israel/Norway/France/Finland/Denmark/Ukraine/Saudi Arabia/New Zealand/Italy /Ireland/Austria/Belgium/Poland/the Netherlands/the Czech republic/Croatia/Portugal/Sweden/Switzerl/Slova kia/Qatar/Malta/Sri Lanka/Spain/Luxembourg/Singapore/Japan/South Korea/Malaysia/Thailand/Vietnam/india/ and 2-4 business days to Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan and 7-12 business days to arrive in Europe and 7-20 business days to arrive in Latin America/North America/Africa.

4. Item delivery time depends on customs, the carrier, Holidays and weather condition in your location. If you wait until 15 days, Please do contact us. We are contacting to Logistics Company and look your item exact location.

5. You will be notified once the shipment has been made.

Payment Information

1.We only accept payment by PayPal

2.We only post the item to your PayPal shipping address, Please make sure your shipping address is correct and updated before you pay.



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