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Original OEM AC/DC Adapter for Samsung P30/P50/P500/R510/R520,AD-9019S,0455A1990

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Item Specification

INPUT: 100-240V  50-60Hz (for worldwide use)

OUTPUT: 19V       4.74A, 90W 

Connecter size: 5.0mm ×3.0mm,with central pin inside.

Outlet: 3-prong      

Cord Cable: US/UK/EU/AU plug

Warranty:12 months

Status: Brand new original & genuine


Package includes:

1 X AC Adapter

1 X Free Power cordfit your country

  Replace Part Number


 AA-PA1N90W,BA44-00215A,AD-8019,AD-9019SL, AD-9019,AD-9019M,AA-PA1N90W, AA-PA1N90W/US, AA-PA3NS90/US


Compatible Models


Samsung A10
Samsung A10 DXT 1000
Samsung A10 DXTD 1100
Samsung A10 XTC 1500+
Samsung G15
Samsung GT6000
Samsung GT6330
Samsung GT6330XT
Samsung GT6360
Samsung GT6360XT
Samsung GT6400
Samsung GT6400XV
Samsung GT7000
Samsung GT7450
Samsung GT7600
Samsung GT7700
Samsung GT8000
Samsung GT8100
Samsung GT8600
Samsung GT8600XT
Samsung GT8650
Samsung GT8650XT
Samsung GT8700
Samsung GT8700XT
Samsung GT8750
Samsung GT8750XT
Samsung GT8750XV
Samsung GT8800
Samsung GT8800XT
Samsung GT8800XV
Samsung GT8850
Samsung GT8850XT
Samsung GT8850XTD
Samsung GT8900
Samsung GT8900DXV
Samsung GT8900XTR
Samsung GT8910
Samsung GT8910KXV
Samsung GT9000
Samsung GT9000 PRO
Samsung M30
Samsung M40
Samsung M40Plus
Samsung M50
Samsung M55
Samsung M60
Samsung M70
Samsung NP20
Samsung NP25
Samsung NP-Q210
Samsung NP-Q310
Samsung NP-Q320
Samsung NP-R410
Samsung NP-R460
Samsung NP-R50
Samsung NP-R505
Samsung NP-R510
Samsung NP-R519
Samsung NP-R520
Samsung NP-R522
Samsung NP-R530
Samsung NP-R560
Samsung NP-R580
Samsung NP-R580/JSB1US
Samsung NP-R610
Samsung NP-R620
Samsung NP-R700
Samsung NP-R710
Samsung NP-R720
Samsung NP-R730
Samsung NP-R780
Samsung NP-X120
Samsung NP-X360
Samsung NP-X420
Samsung NP-X460
Samsung NP-X520
Samsung NX30

Samsung P10
Samsung P10c
Samsung P20
Samsung P200
Samsung P20c
Samsung P210
Samsung P25
Samsung P27
Samsung P28
Samsung P28G
Samsung P29
Samsung P30
Samsung P30 XTC 1400
Samsung P30 XTM 1700
Samsung P30 XVC 1400
Samsung P30 XVM 1500
Samsung P35
Samsung P35 XVM 1500
Samsung P35 XVM 1600
Samsung P35 XVM 1600III
Samsung P35 XVM 1800
Samsung P35 XVM1600II
Samsung P40
Samsung P400
Samsung P410
Samsung P50
Samsung P500
Samsung P510
Samsung P55
Samsung P560
Samsung P60
Samsung Q1
Samsung Q1 Ultra
Samsung Q10
Samsung Q20
Samsung Q210
Samsung Q25
Samsung Q30
Samsung Q30 plus
Samsung Q30 Rubin 1200
Samsung Q30 Silver 1200
Samsung Q310
Samsung Q320
Samsung Q35
Samsung Q40
Samsung Q45
Samsung Q70
Samsung R20
Samsung R20+
Samsung R40
Samsung R410
Samsung R45
Samsung R460
Samsung R50
Samsung R505
Samsung R510
Samsung R519
Samsung R520
Samsung R522
Samsung R530
Samsung R55
Samsung R55-T5300
Samsung R560
Samsung R580
Samsung R60
Samsung R60 plus
Samsung R60+
Samsung R610
Samsung R620
Samsung R65
Samsung R70
Samsung R700
Samsung R710
Samsung R720
Samsung R730
Samsung R780
Samsung T10

Samsung V20
Samsung V20 CXTC 1700
Samsung V20 XTC 2000
Samsung V20 XVC 2000
Samsung V20 XVC 2400
Samsung V25
Samsung V25 XVC 2000C
Samsung V25 XVC 2200C
Samsung V25 XVC 2400C II
Samsung V25 XVC 25333
Samsung V25 XVC 2600C
Samsung V25 XVC 2800
Samsung V25 XVM 2660
Samsung V30
Samsung V8095CX
Samsung VM6000
Samsung VM6300
Samsung VM6300CT
Samsung VM7000
Samsung VM7550
Samsung VM7550CT
Samsung VM7600
Samsung VM7600CT
Samsung VM7650
Samsung VM7650CT
Samsung VM7650CXTD
Samsung VM7700
Samsung VM7700XTD
Samsung VM8000
Samsung VM8080
Samsung VM8080CXT
Samsung VM809
Samsung VM8090
Samsung VM8090CT
Samsung VM8090CXTD
Samsung VM8100
Samsung VM8100CX
Samsung VM8100CXTD
Samsung VM8100XTD
Samsung VM8110XTC
Samsung X05
Samsung X06
Samsung X1
Samsung X10
Samsung X10 Plus
Samsung X10Plus
Samsung X11
Samsung X15
Samsung X15 Plus
Samsung X15Plus
Samsung X2
Samsung X20
Samsung X20 XVM
Samsung X20 XVM 1600
Samsung X20 XVM1600II
Samsung X22
Samsung X25
Samsung X25 XVM 1600
Samsung X25 XVM 2000
Samsung X30
Samsung X30 WVC 1500
Samsung X30 WVC 1700
Samsung X30 WVM 1600
Samsung X30 WVM 2000
Samsung X360
Samsung x460
Samsung X50
Samsung X50 WVM 1600
Samsung X50 WVM 2000
Samsung X60
Samsung X65
Samsung XTC1800
Samsung XTM 1500
Samsung XTM 1600
Samsung XTM 1600II
Samsung XTM 1800
Samsung XTM 2000

Note: Not all compatible models listed.

Shipping Information

1. All items will be dispatched as gift by air mail via China Post within 1-24 hours after payment is cleared, your parcel tracking number will be added to your eBay within 24 hours.

2. The item will be sent to your address listed in the PayPal. Please make sure your shipping address is correct and provide the phone number.

3.It usually takes 5-10 business days for your order to arrive in normal to USA/Australia/the UK/Canada/Russia/Germany/Israel/Norway/France/Finland/Denmark/Ukraine/Saudi Arabia/New Zealand/Italy /Ireland/Austria/Belgium/Poland/the Netherlands/the Czech republic/Croatia/Portugal/Sweden/Switzerland/Slovakia/Qatar/Malta/Sri Lanka/Spain



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