Original OEM Supply Charger Toshiba Satellite A505-S6980 L355D-S7901 L455D-S5976

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Item Specification

100% Original Genuine OEM Toshiba 90W AC Power Adapter.

INPUT: 100-240V  50-60Hz (for worldwide use)

OUTPUT: 19V  4.74A,  90W

Connecter size: 5.5mm×2.5mm, Barrel Tip (ref to the picture).

Outlet: 3-prong

Cord Cable: US/ UK/ EU/ AU plug

Warranty: 12 months

Status: Brand new original & genuine

Package includes:

1 X AC Adapter

1 X Free Power cordfit your country

Replace Part Number

PA-1500-02, PA-1600-01, PA-1600-02, PA-1600-06D1, PA-1650-01, PA-1650-02,PA-1700-02, PA-1750-04, PA-1750-09, PA-1900-03, PA-1900-04, PA-1900-05C2,PA3165, PA3165U, PA3165U-1ACA, 324815-001, PA3290E-2ACA ,PA3380E-1ACA, PA3380U-1ACA, PA3396U-1ACA,PA3432E-1ACA, PA3432E-1AC3, PA3432U-1ACA, PA3432U-1AC3 ,PA3467U-1ACA, PA3468E, PA3468E-1AC3, PA3468E-1ACA, PA3468U, PA3468U-1ACA ,PA3516, PA3516C-1AC3, PA3516E, PA3516E-1AC3, PA3516E-1AC3 B, PA3516U, PA3516U-1ACA,ADP-65DB, ADP-75SB AB, ADP-75SB BB, ADP-90FB REV B, ADT-W61, SADP-65KB, SADP-65KB A ,DC895B, F5104A, N5825, PA16 ,HAP.0060.001.


Compatible Models

Toshiba Satellite 1000 Series: 1000-S157
Toshiba Satellite 1005 Series: 1005-S157, 1005-S158
Toshiba Satellite 1100 Series: 1100-S101, 1105, 1110, 1110-S153, 1110-SP153
Toshiba Satellite 1115 Series: 1115, 1115-S103, 1115-S107, 1115-S123, 1115-SP153
Toshiba Satellite 1130 Series: 1130, 1130-5QG, 1130-S155, 1130-S156, 1130-SP155, 1130-Z24, 1130-Z25, 1130-Z29, 1130-Z30
Toshiba Satellite 1135 Series: 1135, 1135-S125, 1135-S155, 1135-S1551, 1135-S1552, 1135-S1553, 1135-S1554, 1135-S156
Toshiba Satellite1200 Series: 1200, 1200-S121, 1200-S122
Toshiba Satellite 1600 Series: 1605CDS, 1625CDT, 1675CDS, 1695CDT
Toshiba Satellite 1700 Series: 1730-S101, 1735-S101, 1715XCDS, 1750-S202, 1755-S202
Toshiba Satellite 1900 Series: 1900, 1900-303, 1900-S305
Toshiba Satellite 1905 Series: 1905, 1905-S227, 1905-S277, 1905-S278, 1905-S301, 1905-S302, 1905-S303, 1905-S304, 1905-S801
Toshiba Satellite 1950 Series: 1950
Toshiba Satellite 1955 Series: 1955, 1955-S801, 1955-S802, 1955-S803, 1955-S804, 1955-S805, 1955-S806, 1955-S807
Toshiba Satellite 2430 Series: 2430, 2430-S255, 2430-S256
Toshiba Satellite 2435 Series: 2435, 2435-S255, 2435-S256
Toshiba Satellite 3000 Series: 3000-S304, 3000-S307, 3000-S353, 3005-S303, 3005-S304, 3005-S307, 3005-S308, 3005-S403

Toshiba Satellite A100 Series: A100, A100-S2211, A100-S2211TD, A100-S8111, A100-S8111TD, A100-SP2022, A100-SP621, A100-ST2311, A100-ST3211
Toshiba Satellite A105 Series: A105, A105-S101, A105-S1012, A105-S1013, A105-S1014, A105-S171, A105-S1712, A105-S2001, A105-S2011, A105-S2021, A105-S2031, A105-S2051, A105-S2061, A105-S2071, A105-S2081, A105-S2091, A105-S2101, A105-S2111, A105-S2121, A105-S2131, A105-S2141, A105-S2194, A105-S2201, A105-S2204, A105-S2231, A105-S2236, A105-S271, A105-S2712, A105-S2713, A105-S2716, A105-S2717, A105-S2719, A105-S361, A105-S3611, A105-SP2012, A105-SP461
Toshiba Satellite A110 Series: A110, A110-101, A110-110, A110-133, A110-195, A110-203, A110-225, A110-228, A110-253, A110-293, A110-334, A110-ST1111
Toshiba Satellite A130 Series: A130, A130-ST1311, A130-ST1313
Toshiba Satellite A135 Series: A135, A135-S2246, A135-S2256, A135-S2266, A135-S2276, A135-S2286, A135-S2296, A135-S2306, A135-S2326, A135-S2346, A135-S2356, A135-S2376, A135-S2386, A135-S2396, A135-S4407, A135-S4417, A135-S4427, A135-S4437, A135-S4447, A135-S4457, A135-S4467, A135-S4477, A135-S4478, A135-S4487, A135-S4488, A135-S4499, A135-S4517, A135-S4527, A135-S4656, A135-S4666, A135-S4677, A135-S4827, A135-S7403, A135-S7404, A135-SP4016, A135-SP4036, A135-SP4048, A135-SP4058, A135-SP4088, A135-SP4108, A135-SP4156
Toshiba Satellite A200 Series: A200, A200-1BW, A200-ST2041
Toshiba Satellite A205 Series: A205, A205-S4537, A205-S4557, A205-S4567, A205-S4577, A205-S4578, A205-S4587, A205-S4597, A205-S4607, A205-S4617, A205-S4618, A205-S4629, A205-S4638, A205-S4639, A205-S4647, A205-S4707, A205-S4777, A205-S4797, A205-S5804, A205-S5805, P205-S6277, P205-S6347, P205-S6348, A205-S7442, A205-S7443, A205-S7456, A205-S7464, A205-S74646, A205-S74648, A205-SP4038, A205-SP4068
Toshiba Satellite A210 Series: A210, A210-11K, A210-11P, A210-12U, A210-135
Toshiba Satellite A215 Series: A215-S4697, A215-S4717, A215-S4737, A215-S4747, A215-S4757, A215-S4767, A215-S4817, A215-S4807, A215-S4817, A215-S48171, A215-S5802, A215-S5807, A215-S5808, A215-S5818, A215-S5839, A215-S5848, A215-S6816, A215-S6820, A215-S7407, A215-S7408, A215-S7414, A215-S4717, A215-S7418, A215-S7421, A215-S7422, A215-S7427, A215-S7428,A215-S7433, A215-S7437, A215-S7444, A215-S7447, A215-S7462, A215-S7472, A215-SP401
Toshiba Satellite A30 Series: A30, A30-213
Toshiba Satellite A300 Series: A300-1BZ, A300-S6839, A300-S6841
Toshiba Satellite A305 Series: A305-S6833, A305-S6834, A305-S6837, A305-S6843, A305-S6844, A305D-S6849, A305-S6852, A305-S6853, A305-S68531, A305-S6861, A305-S6864, A305-S68641

Toshiba Satellite A305D Series: A305D-S68491

Toshiba Satellite A80 Series: A80, A80-S178

Toshiba Satellite A85 Series: A85, A85-S107, A85-S1071, A85-S1072, A85-SP107, A85-SP1072

 Toshiba Satellite L10 Series: L10, L10-SP104
Toshiba Satellite L100 Series: L100, L100-105, L100-111, L100-121, L100-140, L100-141, L100-173, L100-175, L100-194
Toshiba Satellite L15 Series: L15, L15-S104, L15-S1041, L15-SP104, L15-SP1041
Toshiba Satellite L20 Series: L20, L20-SP119, L20-S310, L20-SP131, L20-SP231
Toshiba Satellite L25 Series: L25, L25-S119, L25-S1192, L25-S1192, L25-S1193, L25-S1194, L25-S1195, L25-S1196, L25-S121, L25-S1212, L25-S1213, L25-S1215, L25-S1216, L25-S1217, L25-SP121, L25-SP129, L25-SP139, L25-SP141, L25-SP151
Toshiba Satellite L30 Series: L30, L30-101, L30-10S, L30-10V, L30-10X, L30-114, L30-115, L30-11G, L30-134, L30-142
Toshiba Satellite L300D Series: L300D-13S
Toshiba Satellite L305D Series: L305D-S5868, L305D-S5869, L305D-S5870, L305D-S5873, L305D-S5874, L305D-S5881, L305D-S5882, L305D-S58821, L305D-S5897, L305D-S5900, L305D-S5904

Toshiba Satellite L35 Series: L35, L35-S1054, L35-S2151, L35-S2161, L35-S2174, L35-S2194, L35-SP1011, L35-SP2041, L35-S2171, L35-S2316, L35-S2366, L35-SP2011, L35-SP2031, L35-SP2051, L35-SP2071, L35-SP4016, L35-SP4068, L35-SP4086, SP4096, L35-SP4116
Toshiba Satellite L355D Series: L355D-S7809, L355D-S7810, L355D-S7815, L355D-S7819
Toshiba Satellite L40 Series:L40, L40-10O, L40-12K, L40-12N, L40-12W, L40-12X, L40-12Y, L40-12Z, L40-137, L40-139, L40-13C, L40-13G, L40-13S, L40-143, L40-14B, L40-14D, L40-14F, L40-14G, L40-14H, L40-14N, L40-14Y, L40-157, L40-15I, L40-15J, L40-15V, L40-164, L40-165, L40-17O, L40-17Q, L40-17R, L40-17S, L40-17T, L40-17U, L40-18R, L40-18S, L40-18U, L40-18W, L40-18X, L40-18Y
Toshiba Satellite L400 Series: L400, L401, L402
Toshiba Satellite L45 Series: L45, L45-S2416, L45-S4687, L45-S7409, L45-S7419, L45-S7423, L45-S7424, L45-SP2036, L45-SP2046, L45-SP2056, L45-SP2066, L45-SP4016

Toshiba Satellite M100 Series: M100-SP1011, M100-SP1022
Toshiba Satellite M105 Series: M105-S1011, M105-S1021, M105-S1031, M105-S1041, M105-SP1011, M105-SP1021, M105-SP1031, M105-SP1041
Toshiba Satellite M115 Series: M115-S1061, M115-S1064, M115-S1071, M115-S1074
Toshiba Satellite M200 Series: M200, M200-ST2001, M200-ST2002
Toshiba Satellite M205 Series: M205-S3207, M205-S3217, M205-S4804, M205-S4805, M205-S4806, M205-S7452, M205-S7453
Toshiba Satellite M305 Series: M305-S4815, M305-S4819, M305-S4820, M305-S4822, M305-S4826, M305-S4835
Toshiba Satellite M305D Series: M305D-S4828, M305D-S4829, M305D-S4830, M305D-S4831, M305D-S4833, M305D-S48331
Toshiba Satellite M30X Series: M30X, M30X-40, M30X-60, M30X-80, M30X-S114, M30X-S1592, M30X-1593, M30X-S171, M30X-S181, M30X-S191, M30X-214, M30X-S221, M30X-S234, M30X-SP111, M30X-SP114
Toshiba Satellite M35X Series: M35X, M35X-S109, M35X-S109, M35X-S111, M35X-114, M35X-S1141, M35X-S1142, M35X-S1143, M35X-149, M35X-S1491, M35X-S1492, M35X-S161, M35X-S1611, M35X-S163, M35X-S1631, M35X-S309, M35X-S3091, M35X-S311, M35X-S3111, M35X-S3112, M35X-S329, M35X-S3291, M35X-S349, M35X-S3491, M35X-SP111, M35X-SP114, M35X-SP161, M35X-SP171, M35X-SP181, M35X-SP311, M35X-SP349
Toshiba Satellite M40-S312TD, M40X-122
Toshiba Satellite M45 Series: M45-S165, M45-S1651, M45-S169, M45-S1691
Toshiba Satellite M55 Series: M55-S1001, M55-S139, M55-S1391, M55-S141
Toshiba Satellite M60 Series: M60, M60-103, M60-104, M60-105, M60-112, M60-126, M60-128, M60-131, M60-132, M60-134, M60-135, M60-139, M60-144, M60-148, M60-149, M60-153, M60-154, M60-161, M60-163, M60-164, M60-167, M60-169, M60-170, M60-171, M60-175, M60-176, M60-BK3, M60-CD4, M60-CD6, M60-CD7, M60-S6111TD, M60-S811, M60-S8112, M60-S8112ST, M60-S8112TD, M60-S811ST, M60-S811TD, M60-S9093
Toshiba Satellite M65 Series: M65, M65-S809, M65-S8091, M65-S8092, M65-S821, M65-S8211, M65-S9062, M65-S9063, M65-S9064, M65-S9065, M65-S909, M65-S9091, M65-S9092, M65-S9093, M65-SP811, M65-SP959
Toshiba Satellite M70 Series: M70, M70-122, M70-175, M70-183, M70-186, M70-189, M70-204, M70-226, M70-236, M70-239, M70-320, M70-356

Toshiba Satellite P10 Series: P10-722
Toshiba Satellite P200 Series: P200-12D, P200-143, P200-17C, A200-ST2043, P200-ST2061, P200-ST2071
Toshiba Satellite P205 Series: P205, P205-S6237, P205-S6247, P205-S6257, P205-S6267, P205-S6277, P205-S6287, P205-S6297, P205-S6298, P205-S6307, P205-S6327, P205-S6337, P205-S6347, P205-S6348, P205-S7469, P205-S7476, P205-S7804, P205-S7

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